Hello my lovelies,

In my last post you all can see we doing really great and i have everyone of my fans to say thank you to.

So on this post, i’m going to be writing on amazingly beautiful tree houses and this post is going to be in about four parts. so stay tuned and don’t miss any part okay.

If you’ve ever wished for a tree house please like this post which indicates you are raising your hand just like i am too (smiling). well, in this new century there is nothing like the kids tree houses only, now we have restaurants on trees, hotels, playgrounds house on trees, romantic spots and all. stay tuned lets get started.

I love to have a tree house in my little mansion soon (its called faith and hard work). so in no particular order, let me give you the first five i can lay my hands on first.


1. Mirror Cube

The Mirrorcube is an exciting hide-out among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings. The dimensions are 4x4x4 metres.

mirror cube at night

Designed by Tham & Vinegard architects, the cube is covered in mirrors which reflects its surroundings. Sweden’s ‘invisible’ hotel room contains a large bed, bathroom, lounge and rooftop terrace to soak in the view.

2. The sustainable tree-house

The structure serves as an icon for adventure, innovative building design, and environmental stewardship.

This Sustainability Tree house is located at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia and it serves as a camp adventure site. Design architect, Mithun created this tree house to provide visitors with the opportunity to explore and understand the site and ecosystem on the different levels of the structure.


3. Banyan tree house



This luxurious tree house which is made out of wood and glass is the perfect getaway from the busy life. It overlooks downtown Los Angeles and is built on the base of a large pine tree.

4. Free Spirit Sphere tree house

Situated among the tall trees in the rainforest of Vancouver, Canada, these handmade tree house spheres are suspended in the air with winding ropes.

The spheres are available for overnight rental.

5. E’terra samara retreat

It is a five-star eco resort that consists of twelve tree house villas. It is situated in Canada’s Bruce Peninsula forest. The tree house is suspended and it appears as if it is hugging the tree.

This is the first part of this post and i hope y’all love this part and let me know what y’all think and which is your favorite here in the comment section.



  1. i thin i am going to have to agree with you, i love the banyan tree house. it’s so beautiful and dreamy. i love your blog so much.


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