when, how and why did you start writing/blogging?

hello my lovelies,

happy thanksgiving to everyone.

so on this post, it’s just going to be a trend on why you start writing.

“i started writing because it is the only way i can express myself freely and the only way to acknowledge the gift of nature that God has given me”

“i also started blogging because i find it easy to connect to lovely people all over the world.

here is a link to my first blog, you will see how in a beautiful way i am able to express my writing in stories, poem and so many more.

click here my first blog

so my dear bloggers/writers why did you start writing?

featured image source: eventsoja

6 thoughts on “when, how and why did you start writing/blogging?

  1. I started blogging so I could kind of keep a diary of my life and also so that I could help to encourage others in their different walks of life. I hope that my blog can be light to all that read it. Many Blessings, Grace.

    P.S. Just a fun fact, I found this post via Google+.


  2. I was born to write I think – and what I used to be criticised for at school (writing as if I were talking to a friend) is now my main strength as an email/blog writer. I wish I was still in touch with those English teachers!


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