The Astonishing Maldives Island of south Asian

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The Maldives officially the Republic of Maldives is a South Asian island country, located in the Indian Ocean, situated in the Arabian Sea. It lies southwest of Sri Lankaand India. The chain of 26 atolls stretches from Ihavandhippolhu Atoll in the north to the Addu City in the south.

Maldives is undoubtedly the most beautiful island in the world. Located in the Indian Ocean, this magical archipelago consists of more than 1000 coral islands. The beaches, lagoons, corals reefs and marine life of Maldives has an extraordinary beauty that can’t express in words. It is one of the most amazing places you want to visit in your lifetime.

The beaches of Maldives are a definition of beauty with white sands and clear waters. It is one of the best spots on Earth to enjoy clearest, bluest waters. Among the beaches of Maldives, most attractive one is a glittering beach of Vaadhoo Island. You can see a magic of naturally glittering sea waters there, which is generated by planktons.Maldives is home to 70 different types of corals and abundant marine life. So, you can enjoy

Maldives is home to 70 different types of corals and abundant marine life. So, you can enjoy the magical underwater world on this island. There are many water sports to experience it, like scuba diving, snorkeling, and underwater walking. You can also watch the rich marine life of Maldives by riding in glass bottom boats [info source]

Maldives have a lot of beautiful island but i will be talking about the best 10 islands in Maldives.

Malé island Maldives:


It is on this island that the major international airport of Maldives is located and you should ideally visit this island. Though it is often dismissed as a destination with little sightseeing options, it must not be missed.

For it is here that you experience the true Maldivian culture.

Major attractions at Malé: Grand Friday Mosque,


Malé Fish Market,

male fish market

Malé’s National Museum,

Tsunami Monument,

What’s romantic: Take a dip in Male’s protected ocean pool called the Artificial Beach,


enjoy a seaside lunch, indulge in snorkeling & underwater scooter riding,

and take island hopping trips to nearby islands.

Hulhumalé Island:

Located very close to Maldivian capital, Hulhumalé is a reclaimed artificial island that was planned in order to decongest the population of Malé.

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It might not be the most beautiful settlement, but its pretty coastline and lack of tourists makes it a decent option for a honeymoon in Maldives.

Biyadhoo Island


Stationed in the South Malé Atoll, Biyadhoo is one of the best islands in Maldives for honeymoon.

It has an abundance of vegetation growth; including bananas, coconuts, mangoes, cucumbers, cabbage, and tomatoes.


However, its sparkling waters and wide range of water sports are what make the island so popular.

Fihalhohi Island


Situated in the Kaafu Atoll of South Malé, is among the most beautiful places to visit in Maldives for the honeymooners.


The Fihalhohi Island Resort here is, in fact, is one of the most romantic Maldives island resorts that has a number of over water bungalows to stay in.

What’s romantic: In addition to its well-equipped over water properties,

its Palm Groove,

Aeolus Dive Centre,

and Anggerik Spa (Apart from making person relaxed and revitalized a Anggerik Spa & Beauty can even benefit your health-wise too. The treatment aids in removing metabolic waste or toxins from the body)

make the Fihalhohi Island Resort a splendid stay option. And the pristine beaches on the island that shaded by coconut palm trees are truly romantic.

Maafushi Island


Another tropical paradise in the Kaafu Atoll of South Malé is the Maafushi Island.

Thanks to its sparkling ocean waters, splendid resorts, and thrilling activities, the island ranks among the best islands to visit in Maldives for honeymoon. This island is a budget travel island.

10 best things to do in Maafushi Island

  1. Beach
  2. snorkeling and diving
  3. sand banks
  4. Dolphin safari
  5. Velana Beach hotel
  6. Resorts Excursions
  7. Maafushi local culture
  8. Night fishing
  9. floating bar and safari
  10. water sport

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Alimatha Island


Alimatha Island sits on the eastern edge of Maldives in the Vaavu Atoll. Its crystal clear waters, sun-kissed beaches, aquamarine lagoons, and spa centers make it one of the best honeymoon islands in Maldives.

The Alimatha Aquatic Resort on the island offers exquisite stay options in the form of beach bungalows and over waters properties, in addition to the wide array of water sports.

This island has a lot of wonderful resorts like kurumba Honeymoon-in-Kurumbaand more.

Veligandu Island


Another important name in the list of the best islands in Maldives for honeymoon is of the Veligandu Island.

Located in North Ari Atoll, it is replete with greenery and shimmering waters that add a serene aura to the romantic destination.

Veligandu resorts and spa

This island is sure a great place for honeymooners

Nalaguraidhoo Island


Nalaguraidhoo Island is the prime attraction of the South Ari Atoll in Maldives. The island is known for its picturesque setting and natural beauty.


And the Sun Island Resort & Spa

on the island ensures a romantic stay for the honeymooners.

Vaadhoo Island

the glowing beach sea of stars

An inhabited island in Raa Atoll of Maldives, Vaadhoo promises some unique experiences to the honeymooners.

The bioluminescence observed in the waters surrounding the island at night is no less than a mystical surprise for the visitors.

The beauty of this island can be seen in the night. it is undeniably beautiful.

Villingili Resort Island


The Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort Island & Spa is the best island to stay in Maldives for honeymoon.

Located in the Addu Atoll, the resort offers luxurious villas, white sandy beaches, infinity pool, and spa.

It’s safe to call this islands The water bungalow islands and islands of water sports. This islands are so gorgeous.

Thanks to Kali blog for some images, Wlikipedia for info, Tripadvisor, bookings and This islands websites for making this images and wonderful infos available.

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