Food|Top 6 Lovely Street Foods in Nigeria

Hello my lovelies!!!

On this post i’ll be talking about food again (i love food so, don’t judge me).


  1. Roasted Plantain (Boli) with groundnut, roasted fish, meat or whatever you love to eat with it.

    I love roasted plantain, it tastes so lovely and really enjoyable. To make it really interesting, just add a bottle of chilled soda or soft drink.

  2. roasted corn / boiled corn with pear / coconut: 

    This is a great combo and they all have a very good health benefits.

  3. Suya: The street food is made from beef or chicken which has been seasoned and then roasted lightly.

    It is usually garnished with onions and cucumbers.

  4. Moi-Moi: This food is made from beans. It is a popular street food in Nigeria as most people love buying it in the streets.

    It could be eaten plainly or combined with bread. Either way, it is a delicious food that is rich in protein.

  5. Puff-Puff: whether it is in the morning or evening, this street food will always be available.

    This street food is made from flour and could be filling when taken with soft drinks.

  6. Fries: (Akara) akara-balls-and-nuggetsAkara can be eaten with bread or with Ogi. The older folks in the society buy this street food and eat it with Agidi or cold pap. Fried Yam:My-bELLE-DON-FULL-1062x598 Fried yam is another street food Nigerians love. There would always be a seller around you; students save their pocket money to buy this food when they close in school. The sellers often fry pepper to sell with this food. It is a delicacy you will enjoy when it is being served hot. Plantain chips: 

    This crunchy snack is enjoyed by many Nigerians. It could be eaten on the move or while you are at work. This snack is made from either ripe or unripe plantain. This delicious snack is enjoyed by most Nigerians as it is sold in every part of the country.

I hope you enjoy this compilation of amazing foods…

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