Thank you for 100+ followers

Hello my lovelies,

I’m really excited writing this post because this means a whole to me.

I hit 100+ followers.

My sad experience in blogging

Last two years, i was introduced into the world of blogging. No experience whatsoever but i was super excited that i would get to share with the world my stories.

I wouldn’t say it was all bad but i had the right expectations at the wrong time. I didn’t take my time to bond well with my contents, didn’t find my niche, posting so many contents of different topics (you can with the right layouts and style) and one major thing in my mind was making money like asap. I mean getting the dough in large amounts. I was introduced to a web hosting and i thought yes it’s time to start getting this dough and enjoy the benefit of working from home.

I didn’t familiarize myself with some important parts of blogging like community pool, commenting, sharing my contents, finding other bloggers, readers community and so much more. All i had in my was making money and nothing else.

I signed up for google adsense and then reality sets in. One thing led to another, i lost the blog.

There is so much more to learn from blogging but most importantly have fun doing what you love.

Thank you so much guys for the follow, likes, comments, sharing and reading. I appreciate you all and I’m very grateful.

With my two new blogs i’ve had the opportunity to meet awesome bloggers and learn so much more.

Here is a link to my BEAUTY BLOG

Until i figure out the next phase for my blogs, this journey is getting better.

13 thoughts on “Thank you for 100+ followers

  1. Admittedly, this is slightly belated but HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! Do you want to know something really weird: I just re-read my own post when I hit 100 followers and saw your comment, realised that I hand’t been around your blog in a while, and came here to find out that you too now had 100 followers! Congratulations chum!!!!!!!

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